I UK [ˈbeɪbɪ] / US noun [countable]
Word forms "baby":
singular baby plural babies
Talking or writing about having a baby:
talking about a baby unborn child or foetus medical a baby when it is developing in its mother's body: There is strong evidence that smoking can affect the unborn child. newborn a baby who was born very recently infant a baby who is too young to walk or talk talking about being pregnant pregnancy the time when a woman has a baby developing in her body: It was an easy pregnancy. Maria felt sick throughout her pregnancy. be having a baby or going to have a baby to be pregnant: She's having another baby in the autumn. be expecting (informal) to be pregnant: Did you know that Sarah is expecting? antenatal used for describing medical care that is given to women who are pregnant: I've got an appointment at the antenatal clinic tomorrow. maternity relating to the period before and just after a baby is born: maternity clothes six months' maternity leave when a baby is born birth the process of being born delivery the process of helping a woman with the birth of her baby: an easy delivery the delivery room labour the period of giving birth, from the time a woman starts feeling pains until the time the baby is born contractions or labour pains the pains that a woman feels while giving birth midwife someone who is trained to help women give birth caesarean a medical operation to deliver a baby by making a cut in the woman's stomach miscarriage the birth of a baby before it has developed enough to stay alive premature used for describing a baby who is born before the usual time
a) a very young child who cannot yet talk or walk. A baby who is old enough to walk is a toddler

May I hold the baby?

their new baby daughter

give birth to/have a baby:

I'm hoping to have the baby at home.

be expecting/having a baby (= be pregnant):

She's expecting a baby in November.

b) [usually before noun] a very young animal

a baby elephant

baby seals

2) informal the youngest member of a family or other group

At 18, Owen was the baby of the team.

3) someone who is behaving in a way that is weak, silly, or not brave

Don't be such a big baby!

4) informal a project or piece of work that you care about a lot, especially because it was your idea

Steve has always seen the book as his baby.

5) spoken used for talking to someone you love, especially to someone you are in a romantic relationship with or to your child

What's the matter, baby?

this/that baby — mainly American

spoken used for referring to an exciting or interesting vehicle or machine

Let's take this baby out for a drive.

II UK [ˈbeɪbɪ] / US verb [transitive]
Word forms "baby":
present tense I/you/we/they baby he/she/it babies present participle babying past tense babied past participle babied
to treat someone like a young child when they are old enough to do things for themselves

Grandma still likes to baby us.

III UK [ˈbeɪbɪ] / US adjective [only before noun]
baby vegetables are smaller than usual and have a sweeter taste

baby carrots

baby sweetcorn

English dictionary. 2014.

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